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Vibrant Manual Bead Roller for Tubing
Part# : VIBMBR
Price : $299.95

The Vibrant Performance Manual Bead Roller is a sturdy tool that makes it easy to add a professional looking bead roll to all types of tubing. With high quality steel and aluminum components, this tubing bead roller comes complete with everything you need out of the box. No extra tools are required. A convenient carrying case is also included.

Vibrant's Tube Bead Roller is capable of forming a bead approximately 2mm tall and 6.5mm wide. Works great for aluminum tubing with up to a 16 gauge wall thickness (0.065" or 1.65mm). Steel and Stainless Steel tubing should have no larger than an 18 gauge wall thickness (0.050" or 1.25mm). The minimum diameter tube that can be used with this bead roller is 3/4" OD for all materials.